“Gardens Of Nazareth” Hotel Creates Its New Brand

Gradens Of Nazareth Hotel Logo

“Graphicize” reveals the new logo of “Gardens Of Nazareth” hotel, designed by the famous Middle Eastern graphic designer Bashar Zidane, who will be doing a completely new branding for the hotel, including its advertising campaign, web site, menus, etc.

The logo is inspired by the lily flower, and what it stands for to the holy land, given a luxurious touch that reflects the new image of the hotel.

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How Dare You Say “No” To “Panda” Cheese?

Do you think you can say “No” to “Panda” cheese? Are you sure you can handle the punishment of the panda? You will think twice when you watch the new campaign of “Panda” cheese!

The new series of commercials titled “Panda, You Can’t Say No!” is just brilliant! it is one of very few real funny commercials that can make you laugh, add to that it is unusual to see Middle Eastern commercials going that far with the negative side of not buying the product, as usually they focus on the bright side of buying it.

Funny Typography From Lebanon!

Photos are the greatest documentation tool that can show reality of a place, and tell a lot about its identity. Graphic design exists all around us, and it says a lot about the place too! “WTF! Only In Lebanon” is a Facebook group that decided to show the funny side of Lebanon through photography, which focuses a lot on typing mistakes, but not only, the typography photographed has a lot of spirit!

Credit: “WTF! Only In Lebanon”

Amr Diab For “Hayat” Mineral Water!

It is not the first time that drink companies pick the Egyptian superstar Amr Diab to be the star of their commercials, but this time Diab agrees to pair with an unknown brand, “Hayat” mineral water, and to deliver a clear message to “Pepsi Cola”.

Amr Diab, who did not renew his sponsorship with “Pepsi Cola” which went to the Egyptian singer Tamer Hosny, kicks in “Hayat” commercial a can off the table, which seems to be a message to “Pepsi Cola”, informing them that his choice right now goes to mineral water!

The commercial seems to be a success, as each of the 2 spots was watched by more than 100.000 viewers on “YouTube”, and there is no doubt that this campaign will lead “Hayat” to higher sales, but does it give Amr Diab more than money?

Nike Writes The Unlucky Future Of Its Campaign Stars!

Nike’s latest commercial “Write The Future” which was launched for the “World Cup” featuring many football stars, apparently wrote an unlucky future for its stars!

Cristiano Ronaldo left the tournament with his national team after having a less-than-expected performance, Brazil’s player Ronaldinho did not arrive with his national team to South Africa, Didier Drogba was injured before the tournament begins, and others went back home with their teams such as Landon Donovan & Tim Howard. The only players from the commercial that are left in the tournament are Spain’s 3 players Fabregas, Pique, & Iniesta, so is this a bad sign to Spain? or does it mean that Spain is the team that’s going to stay in the tournament and win the “World Cup”?

Cristiano Ronaldo For “Emporio Armani”

Cristiano Ronaldo

“Emporio Armani” revealed recently the new campaign photos of their F/W 2010 underwear and jeans collections, featuring the football star Cristiano Ronaldo.
Black and white, simple, with no “high concept”, the new campaign of “Emporio Armani” focuses on Ronaldo’s attractiveness. The photos were revealed in a smart timing, while Ronaldo is participating in the Fifa World Cup 2010 in South Africa with his country’s national team.

Carlsberg Sport: A Commercial To Enjoy!

“Carlsberg” launched recently its TV commercial of “Carlsberg Sport” energy drink. Smart, funny, and creative… Enjoy watching!

Pepsi Loses Its Iconic Logo!

The new campaign of "Pepsi"

"Pepsi" 2010 Campaign

“Pepsi Cola” launched recently its brand new logo, which does not seem to work as “Pepsi” wanted. The new logo looks unbalanced, and with the “Hope” ad. it reminds us of Obama’s election campaign!

The new logotype is not better either, it looks good, but it lacks for the strength which the previous logotype had. The new “clean” style is acceptable, but it did not work well with the too-soft logotype because it made look even softer, and how soft can Pepsi be?!

When you have such an iconic logo like Pepsi’s old one, you should be extremely careful when you decide to touch it. “Pepsi” did not only touch it, they killed it! So will another designer revive it with a newer version? or will “Pepsi” wait until we get used to the bad new logo?

Are You Glamoholic?

Art Director: Bashar Zidane | Photographer: Johnny Lopera

“Stars Cafe” online entertainment revealed earlier this week the campaign of launching their new English magazine, “Glamoholic”. The campaign was published as a cover story in the February 2010 of “Stars Cafe” monthly magazine.

The campaign photos were taken in Colombia by the international photographer Johnny Lopera, and they express the idea of “Glamoholic”, as the two models Camilo Tocancipa & Angela Giraldo appear with golden bodies and hair, in a very charismatic atmosphere.

“Glamoholic” magazine will be launched on the 1st of March 2010, and it will be a monthly entertainment magazine in English, that will be all about Music, Cinema, Fashion, and publish exclusive interviews with international stars.


Welcome to “Graphicize”

Back in 2006, “Stars Cafe” monthly magazine presented “GraphiCafe”, its specialized site about Graphic Design, Photography, and Visual arts. Today, “Stars Cafe” re-launches this site as a blog style online publication, “Graphicize”.

“Graphicize” will publish the latest about Graphic Design, Photography, Visual Arts, and more. The blog will also publish exclusive collections made especially by our art team, or by guest artists.

Your suggestions are always welcomed, let’s hear from you what do you want to see on “Graphicize!”