“The Wanted” Cover The New Issue Of Glamoholic

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The Wanted cover Glamoholic magazine

The Wanted cover Glamoholic magazine

The new issue of Glamoholic magazine (#10, May 2012) is now available with THE WANTED on the cover.
The Wanted talked to the magazine about their success, upcoming album, and competition.
“When we first started, everyone was nervous about being in a boy band. The idea of being in a boy band was the same as the one that was in the nineties.” Jay said “But we quickly realized that we all had the same idea of where we want to go, how we wanted to do it and what songs we liked. So by the time we came here I think we know who we are now, I think we’re very happy.”
On if they encountered any celebrities, other than Christina Aguilera, that were not what they thought they would be the guys shared: “Simon Cowell is really humble, which is not his persona on TV.” Tom added: “JLo is always beautiful.”
Talking about how involved are they in the creative process of their videos Siva revealed: “Chasing The Sun was gonna be us driving in the desert towards the sun… literally.” And Tom said: “If you watch the video Heart Vacancy we’re walking down the streets looking like a pack of biscuits (…) The last three or four videos we’ve gotten more say.”
On their upcoming album the guys shared: “It’s going to be an absolute stomper. Some songs are kind of aggressive and others are still like party vibe.”
When asked about if they are competitive with each other Max answered: “Jay is extremely competitive when it comes to things like bowling, board games, iPhone games and he can’t stand losing.”
The Buried Life: #19 Write A Best-Selling Book
“The Buried Life” talked to Glamoholic about their new book “What Do You Want To Do Before You Die?”, what’s next on their list, and the most embarrassing wish on their list.
“I think a lot of it has to do with how we put the book together – 150 of the list items that are illustrated in the book were submitted from people in our Facebook and Twitter communities; in a sense it’s like there are 1.5 million writers of this book.” The guys said about the reason behind their book’s success.
Aubrey O’day On Celebrity Apprentice, Music & Charity
Singer and reality TV star Aubrey O’day talked to Glamoholic about her experience on the latest season of “Celebrity Apprentice”, recording a new album, and what would it take to reunite with Danity Kane:
“For me I am ready. I could do it tomorrow! I think that everyone has to feel that way in order for it to be a successful venture.”
On “Celebrity Apprentice” Aubrey shared: “I loved being able to constantly be challenged in a way that I haven’t been in a while.”
More interviews, fashion editorials, reviews, and news are available in the new issue of Glamoholic magazine. Check it out now on http://www.glamoholic.com

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