Monthly Archives: July 2010

How Dare You Say “No” To “Panda” Cheese?

Do you think you can say “No” to “Panda” cheese? Are you sure you can handle the punishment of the panda? You will think twice when you watch the new campaign of “Panda” cheese! The new series of commercials titled “Panda, You Can’t Say No!” is just brilliant! it is one of very few real [...]

Funny Typography From Lebanon!

Photos are the greatest documentation tool that can show reality of a place, and tell a lot about its identity. Graphic design exists all around us, and it says a lot about the place too! “WTF! Only In Lebanon” is a Facebook group that decided to show the funny side of Lebanon through photography, which [...]

Amr Diab For “Hayat” Mineral Water!

It is not the first time that drink companies pick the Egyptian superstar Amr Diab to be the star of their commercials, but this time Diab agrees to pair with an unknown brand, “Hayat” mineral water, and to deliver a clear message to “Pepsi Cola”. Amr Diab, who did not renew his sponsorship with “Pepsi [...]

Nike Writes The Unlucky Future Of Its Campaign Stars!

Nike’s latest commercial “Write The Future” which was launched for the “World Cup” featuring many football stars, apparently wrote an unlucky future for its stars! Cristiano Ronaldo left the tournament with his national team after having a less-than-expected performance,┬áBrazil’s player Ronaldinho did not arrive with his national team to South Africa, Didier Drogba was injured [...]