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Glamoholic Releases Its First Graphic Design Cover

Glamoholic January 2012 cover

Glamoholic January 2012 cover

Glamoholic magazine starts the new year with its first graphic design cover ever! Dedicated to “Stars Of The Year”, the January 2012 Glamoholic cover comes with a unique creative 3D graphic design. The presence of the “poster impact”, the shades of colors chosen, and the combination of elements made this cover have its own spirit. There is a lot of future-like look in this cover, yet there’s a human feeling that brings this design to life.

“Gardens Of Nazareth” Hotel Creates Its New Brand

Gradens Of Nazareth Hotel Logo

“Graphicize” reveals the new logo of “Gardens Of Nazareth” hotel, designed by the famous Middle Eastern graphic designer Bashar Zidane, who will be doing a completely new branding for the hotel, including its advertising campaign, web site, menus, etc.

The logo is inspired by the lily flower, and what it stands for to the holy land, given a luxurious touch that reflects the new image of the hotel.

Pepsi Loses Its Iconic Logo!

The new campaign of "Pepsi"

"Pepsi" 2010 Campaign

“Pepsi Cola” launched recently its brand new logo, which does not seem to work as “Pepsi” wanted. The new logo looks unbalanced, and with the “Hope” ad. it reminds us of Obama’s election campaign!

The new logotype is not better either, it looks good, but it lacks for the strength which the previous logotype had. The new “clean” style is acceptable, but it did not work well with the too-soft logotype because it made look even softer, and how soft can Pepsi be?!

When you have such an iconic logo like Pepsi’s old one, you should be extremely careful when you decide to touch it. “Pepsi” did not only touch it, they killed it! So will another designer revive it with a newer version? or will “Pepsi” wait until we get used to the bad new logo?